Thursday, December 15, 2011

Delivering DNA to Cell Lines and Primary Cells

Neuromics is pleased to introduce DNA-FectTM and DNA-FectTM293 in vivo transfection reagents.

These reagents deliver genes to various established cell lines as well as primary cells, which include HEK293, 293T, 293E, CHO, COS1, HeLa, NIH 3T3, insect cell lines (Sf9 and Sf21) and a variety of other eucaryotic cell lines with low cytotoxicity. GeneExpresso™ MAX reagent, 1.0 ml, is sufficient for 300 to 600 transfections in 24 well plates, or 150 to 300 transfections in 6 well plates.

Capabilities include:
• Proven to deliver DNA to difficult-to-transfect cells
•Stable and easy to use
•Suitable for high-thoroughput (HTS) applications

Image: Comparing DNA-Fect vs Lipofectamine 2000 by FACS Analysis

DNA Delivery Protocol: