Sunday, July 20, 2008

Improving 27mer DsiRNA Performance

The DsiRNA story marches forward with yet another important publication. We will give you an opportunity to upload the fulltext article at the end of this posting.

Dr. Mark Behlke, Dr John Rossi and team have been gaining deeper understanding of the Mechanism of Dicer-substrate small-interfering RNA (DsiRNA) processing. This understanding is leading to better and better designs of the RNA duplexes. These designs or chemical modifications are necessary steps in the drug design and development process.

This publication looks at design from the perspective of:

Nuclease Stability
immune response

I believe this is an important publication for researchers wanting to better understand:

The mechanisms behind successful delivery of DsiRNA for gene expression studies.
Variations in potency.

upload article: oligo-18-p187-2008-collingwood-dsirna-modifications1

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