Saturday, October 4, 2008

siRNA-mediated gene silencing

Dr. Josephine Lai (Professor of Pharmacology, University of Arizona) is a pioneer in developing experimental designs and methods for delivering siRNA to the CNS for gene expression analysis.She and her team have documented these in the publication:

Modulating Sensory Systems Using RNAi(pdf - 187Kb)© 2007 Lai

For researchers desiring to effectively deliver siRNA to the CNS for gene expression analysis of specific receptors, this publication offers proven methods. These include:

  • The Choice of siRNA

  • Choosing and Optimizing Transfection Reagents for siRNA Delivery to the Nervous System
  • Delivery Systems-Microinjection and Infusion (using mini-osmotic pumps)
  • Validation

We will continue to track advances by Dr. Lai and team.

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