Sunday, November 2, 2008

Delivering Naked siRNA by Direct Injection

This blog has featured methods for delivering siRNA in vivo by intrathecal injections. These methds all highlight conjugation with novel cationic lipid based carriers like i-Fect ™. Here we highlight delivery by direct injection:

Dr. Matthew Farrer and his team, including researchers from Alnylam, have successfully demontrated the delivery of naked siRNA by direct injection. In this study, they delivered chemically modified murine and human alpha-synuclein (SNCA) siRNAs to the hippocampus by direct injection resulting in silencing of gene expression.

To learn more access:

In vivo silencing of alpha-synuclein using naked siRNA Jada Lewis, Heather Melrose, David Bumcrot, Andrew Hope, Cynthia Zehr, Sarah Lincoln, Adam Braithwaite, Zhen He, Sina Ogholikhan, Kelly Hinkle, Caroline Kent, Ivanka Toudjarska, Klaus Charisse, Ravi Braich, Rajendra K. Pandey, Michael Heckman, Demetrius M Maraganore, Julia Crook, Matthew J Farrer. Molecular Neurodegeneration 2008, 3:19 (1 November 2008).

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