Monday, February 13, 2012

In Vivo application of RNAi to study pain

This overview is from 2010. I am posting a link because it undercores the need to have transfection reagents that have the ability to deliver small doses of siRNA in vivo.
"One of the biggest challenges in using RNAi in pain research is delivery of siRNA to the CNS in sufficient concentrations. This obstacle exists because siRNA by itself does not cross the blood brain barrier (BBB) and is degraded in the blood by endonucleases. Intravenous or oral administration is, therefore, inadequate to achieve desired protein knockdown. The use of transfection agents and intrathecal delivery has enhanced siRNA uptake by target tissues in recent studies." Zachary J Clark, Gurwattan S. Miranpuri, Daniel K Resnick. In Vivo application of RNAi to study pain. Annals of Neurosciences, Volume 17, Number 3, July 2010.

Please click through the link and you will learn of techniques currently used to delivery siRNA in vivo for pain research.

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