Monday, August 16, 2010

intra-i-Fect and intravenous delivery of siRNA

Deliver siRNA in-vivo with stunning results! Introductory Special-200 to 600 USD (valid through 9/30/2010)
These intra-i-Fect kits are designed to deliver siRNA in vivo via intravenous injections with high efficiency to specific tissue in rats and mice. The protocol involves these simple steps: prep, mix, dry, hydrate and inject.
Figure: siRNAs knock down profiles of the gene related to cancer, diabetes, obesity, steatosis hepatitis, cirrhosis and a gene specifically expressed in endothelial cells in liver
They are developed using a proprietary platform that uses nano-particles as the delivery vehicle. This platform enables:
•Effective delivery (60%+ knockdown) with no toxicity.
•Scalable to high throughput siRNA based gene screening.
•Consistent and reproducible results.

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